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Spinning rims are the hottest trend. Find the best spinners on the internet.
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DUB Nasty Spinner (Chrome, Black)DUB Nasty Spinner
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $2,739.00
DUB Stashola (Chrome, Black)DUB Stashola
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $879.00
DUB Showtime Spinner (Chrome, Black)DUB Showtime Spinner
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $1,789.00
Spinning rims work by the use of roller bearings to spin the hubcap independently of the rest of the rim. Some spinning rims can spin after your vehicle is stopped for over 15 minutes. The use of spinners has been popularized at the turn of the century by the hip-hop culture. Now you can purchase your own spinning wheels for your car.
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