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Car rims direct offers used rims for people that are on a tight budget. Our used rims have been inspected for defects by experts. Usually the used rims on our website have simply been returned because they were not the right size or the customer wanted a different color than what was seen on the internet. This means that although the rims may be used they are still in excellent condition and you will probably not even know the difference between used rims and brand new rims that are full price. A great deal can be found on used rims but they go fast so you will have to keep your eyes open for the current used rims.
Currently there are not any used rims available in our inventory. We hope that you visit our page periodically to check if there are any used rims in stock.
If you have not found any used rims on our website then please check out our other rims such as our chrome rims or Asanti rims. The prices on our brand new car rims are so low that they are not much more expensive than the used rims that you will find on other websites. If you are dead set on purchasing used rims then you should patiently check on this page for updates to see if we have any more used rims in stock.
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