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ATX off-road wheels have been tested on some of the most demanding off-road races in the world. American Racing continues to deliver performing wheels with ATX rims.
Some of the most durable car rims are ATX Rims. We offer a set of ATX Wheels for any truck or SUV so that you can get your offroad fix. Our ATX Rims not only serve their purpose on the dirt track, but also have pleasing aesthetics in and of themselves. Order your ATX Wheels today and get free shipping from Car Rims Direct. We are sure that you will enjoy your ATX Rims.
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ATX ARTILLERY (Series AX181) (Chrome)ATX ARTILLERY (Series AX181)

Starting at $2,039.00
ATX ARTILLERY (Series AX181) (Black)ATX ARTILLERY (Series AX181)

Starting at $2,309.00
ATX JUSTICE (Series AX184) (Machined, Black)ATX JUSTICE (Series AX184)
(Machined, Black)

Starting at $1,079.00
ATX CRAWL (Series AX185) (Black, Machined)ATX CRAWL (Series AX185)
(Black, Machined)

Starting at $569.00
ATX CHAMBER PRO (Series AX1088) (Silver, Machined)ATX CHAMBER PRO (Series AX1088)
(Silver, Machined)

Starting at $3,619.00
ATX THUG (Series AX3991) (Black)ATX THUG (Series AX3991)

Starting at $1,669.00
ATX MOJAVE (Series AX3981) (Black)ATX MOJAVE (Series AX3981)

Starting at $3,759.00
ATX CHAMBER (Series AX3985) (Black)ATX CHAMBER (Series AX3985)

Starting at $2,449.00
ATX CHAMBER PRO (Series AX3988) (Black)ATX CHAMBER PRO (Series AX3988)

Starting at $3,089.00
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