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We have a huge variety of custom wheels for your car. You will find custom wheels and custom rims for all vehicle bolt patterns. If you are looking for the best kind of custom wheels then you can look at our extension collection of chrome rims. Custom wheels make any car look great and can increase the performance of your handling and traction.
Custom wheels are a very common way to spruce up your ride. If you are interested in speed of your car then low weight custom wheels are the best choice. Custom wheels that are very wide are great for drag racing because they put more traction on the tires. Rally cars must have very durable high strength custom wheels. Otherwise, a typical multi-purpose custom wheel will have all of these characteristics in moderate amounts, with visual appeal being a higher priority.
Performance Advantage With Custom Wheels
Be warned, the performance advantages of custom wheels can actually be negative. Inching up any more than two inches typically is the cutoff point where your custom wheels will no longer increase performance and begin to reduce performance in the areas of gas mileage, increased inertia, and unsprung weight. The use of custom wheels and draw backs will have to be assessed, is the look of the custom wheels worthwhile for the price and marginal performance loss?
Who Uses Custom Wheels?
There are millions of custom wheel users in the world. Many celebrities and professional athletes are fond of custom wheels. Of course, race car drivers are very familiar with custom wheels as well. Appearance-oriented enthusiasts however outnumber all other classes. The aesthetic properties of custom wheels are important to the greatest majority of custom wheel buyers. Custom wheels have been made popular in the hip-hop community and have become mainstream so that almost every street will have many vehicles with custom wheels.
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