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Omega is the first wheel company to implement stunning embedded diamond creations into their wheel designs. It's an iced-out lifestyle with Omega rims.
We have in stock Omega Rims for your custom car. Never sacrifice quality when choosing your car rims, and we will not mess around either. Omega Wheels are for real car rim enthusiasts and come in a great many varieties including chrome. We hope that you see the advantages to ordering Omega Rims as we offer free shipping on all Omega Rim orders from Car Rims Direct.
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Omega 774 Genesis (Chrome)Omega 774 Genesis

Starting at $4,139.00
Omega 725 Legacy (Black, Chrome, White)Omega 725 Legacy
(Black, Chrome, White)

Starting at $2,859.00
Omega 718 Admiral (Chrome, Diamond)Omega 718 Admiral
(Chrome, Diamond)

Starting at $799.00
Omega 780 Loyalty (Chrome, Diamond)Omega 780 Loyalty
(Chrome, Diamond)

Starting at $4,319.00
Omega 789 Kamikaze (Chrome)Omega 789 Kamikaze

Starting at $1,199.00
Omega 774 Genesis (White, Chrome, Diamond)Omega 774 Genesis
(White, Chrome, Diamond)

Starting at $1,279.00
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