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Racing rims focus only on performance and traction. Thought most rims can be used as racing rims, American Racing rims have been designed solely for racing rim fans. The most important factor when choosing racing rims is in the size of the car rim. You will want to check our vehicle bolt patterns guide to make sure that they will fit on your car and see what the minimum and maximum diameters are. Chances are that if you are familiar with racing rims at all that you will know what plus sizing and inching up will do to your performance and road handling. Before you make your car rims too large remember that you do not want to increase the crucial wheel weight that will decrease speed.
There are several types of racing that can be performed in a car. Drag racing, stock car racing, rallying, offroad racing, etc. There are so many different types of racing that the type of car rim will depend heavily on the type of racing that you are involved with. If you are rallying then you will want racing rims that are very durable and strong so that you can drift the corners without damaging your tires. Drag racing you will want tires that have a sharp angle which means that your rims will have a high diameter so that you can get more traction on the acceleration which is important in drag racing in a straight line.
The fact is that no matter the type of racing that you are into we have car rims for all types of cars and their uses. We carry a large quantity of car rims which includes a ton of racing rims. Our racing rims are sold to you direct which means that you will get the best price on the internet with free shipping. Never again suffer with disappointing customer service with us when you choose our website for your racing rim needs.
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