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MSW rims provide a avant garde style line of wheels. MSW wheels are marked by the highest standard of safety and quality.
Get your set of MSW Wheels from Car Rims Direct and begin racing with your new rims inspired by the racetrack. Custom car rims known as MSW Rims were introduced in the 80's and have their heritage in the racing industry. Our selection of MSW Rims include titanium finishes and are shipped free to anywhere in the continental United States. Buy your set of MSW Wheels today.
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MSW 11 (Black, Polished)MSW 11
(Black, Polished)

Starting at $4,339.00
MSW 18 (Black, Gunmetal, Polished)MSW 18
(Black, Gunmetal, Polished)

Starting at $4,509.00
MSW 20/4 (Black, Polished)MSW 20/4
(Black, Polished)

Starting at $3,059.00
MSW 20/4 (Titanium)MSW 20/4

Starting at $1,429.00
MSW 20/5 (Black, Polished)MSW 20/5
(Black, Polished)

Starting at $3,289.00
MSW 20/5 (Titanium)MSW 20/5

Starting at $2,109.00
MSW 21 (Gray, Polished)MSW 21
(Gray, Polished)

Starting at $4,299.00
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