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Everything about Gianna wheels is elegant and classy. Gianna rims have a subtle hint of European sensuality.
Gianna Rims are unique in their styling, view some of the most stunning examples of car rim work with Gianna Wheels. Order your very own set of Gianna Rims right here at Car Rims Direct and you can be on your way to appreciating what it means to live in luxury as you cruise down the street in Gianna Wheels. Gianna Rims are a very good choice for any car, truck, or SUV.
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Gianna Momentum (Chrome)Gianna Momentum

Starting at $669.00
Gianna Blitz (Chrome, Black)Gianna Blitz
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $3,059.00
Gianna Blitz (Chrome, Black, Orange)Gianna Blitz
(Chrome, Black, Orange)

Starting at $3,279.00
Gianna Royale (Chrome, Black)Gianna Royale
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $2,389.00
Gianna Momentum (Chrome, Black)Gianna Momentum
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $3,119.00
Gianna Blitz (Black, Chrome)Gianna Blitz
(Black, Chrome)

Starting at $2,259.00
Gianna Roulette (Chrome, Black)Gianna Roulette
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $4,759.00
Gianna Envy (Chrome, Black)Gianna Envy
(Chrome, Black)

Starting at $2,989.00
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