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Plus sizing and inching up
Key elements when choosing a custom wheel package.
What is Plus Sizing?
Plus Sizing
Plus sizing your wheels means making your tire thinner and at the same time making the rim diameter higher proportionally. This has the affect of making the tire surface more flat giving better traction and response. Your car will look much better and the odometer and speedometer will not normally have to be adjusted. Possible disadvantages to plus sizing may be less damping reflection while driving on bumpy surfaces and overall heavier wheel and tire package which can reduce gas mileage slightly. Customizers will have to choose which benefits will outweigh the side effects. Plus sizing normally will also inch up your ride at the same time.
What is "Inching Up"?
Inching Up
Inching up your tire and wheel package will increase the section width by 10 millimeters and decrease the aspect ratio by 10 points for every inch that you inch up to. The outcome of inching up will make your treads contact the ground in a larger area and improve dry handling, steering response, cornering ability, and boost the cosmetic factor.
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