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How to take care of your car rims
Knowing how to take care of your car rims is very important to ensure the proper treatment for car rims.
Tips on Caring for Your Car Rims
Use liquid soap to clean your car rims. You can use a t-shirt or other soft material to rinse your wheel. Liquid soap is used because it is non-abrasive meaning that it will not scratch your wheel when cleaning. The soap will remove any grease or dirt on your car rims. You can optionally use a touchless car wash which will keep your car rims from being touched and potentially scratched. Another important issue is salt. If you live in an area with salt on the roads then it is especially important to clean your car rims regularly because salt can deteriorate chrome. Regular maintenance of your car rims is wise to prevent thick buildup of grease and grime.
How NOT to Care for Your Car Rims
Never use chemicals when cleaning your car rims. Chemicals can damage the surface of your chrome rims and cause them to stain. Stay away from machine car washes - they are mildly abrasive and can cause your chrome to scratch and fade. It is also important to not use abrasive cloth when manually rinsing your car rims. Definitely do not use a scrub brush to clean your car rims. If you have just got done driving for a long period of time your car rims will be hot. Never put cool water on hot car rims because they can crack. Wait for your car rims to cool down before cleaning them.
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